Endings ruin everything... usually.

This is a random post, it may happen every Friday or maybe just at anytime I feel like it, but I feel as though a break from the reviews and just a random entry might be useful.
Basically, what I wanted to say, was that and ending to a movie can ruin a great movie, especially with horror movies. The movie can be as good as a movie can get but when it comes down to the ending, if it's not satisfactory then that movie went from great to horrible. I feel like the best endings come as a surprise, and is not something that was thrown together last minute with the small budget they have left over. An ending needs impact, which is something that is seriously lacking.

Just as a notice, the next movie reviews will consist of:
The Woman In Black, Silent House, and Cabin Fever (there may be a couple more added if I have enough time).

But in conclusion to my first paragraph, I have decided to write a letter.
Dear Hollywood whoever,
As a movie fanatic, please spend more time on your endings, because frankly, they suck.

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